Latest Football Scores, half time and final time Results.

We provide online information about ongoing football matches. Match status and score of individual matches. Has the match you are watching started or is it over? Here you can find the football score!

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Where football score data are created?

How do they originate and where do the data come from for football matches? Previously, it was purely about the ice of the match and writing ongoing events into the computer. He transferred the data to the server. And then the data came to you who watched the progress of the match. You couldn't visit the match in person, so you have no other choice. It is similar to radio broadcasts. The commentator sees the match live and comments the match into the microphone.

But can you imagine a person who would be able to continuously record and recalculate, for example, the percentage of possession? Or even write down the exact position of the bullets in the goal? Today's transmissions are partly simplified by technology. Just as when training football players using GPS to track the mileage or the highest speed achieved. Subsequently, further training is determined so that the player is in optimal form for the day and hour of the important match. Technique forms an important part of the transmission, but it is still not possible to realize football transmission without a human being.

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