Albania second division football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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What to say about Albania second division?

Kategoria e Dytë is the third level of football in Albania. It was called until 2003 Second Division. Kategoria e Dytë has two groups, A and B., which are geographically subdivided. Both groups each have 14 teams. The winners of each group have the right to be promoted to the Albanian First Division and also play a single final for seasonal champions. The teams that finish last in each group descend into the Albanian Third Division.

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Players in the second league have no exceptions to professional contracts. The competition is ideal for young players to gain experience. Many players in this competition dream and have a chance in the first league. The dreams come true for the best players. And if they continue to improve, some of them will reach a contract in the foreign football league.

Clubs in the 2nd League do not have high budgets. If they see a talented player, they give him a chance. Because by selling it can bring a considerable amount to the club cash desk. The conditions in these clubs depend on the financial situation of the club.

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