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Algeria ligue 1 football league predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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Algeria league 1

Kabylie v MC Oran

Result prediction MC Oran to win
Over/Under predictionunder 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictiondraw / MC Oran to win
Team to Score predictionMC Oran
Anytime Goalscorer predictionn/a

Belouizdad v Paradou AC

Result prediction Belouizdad to win
Over/Under predictionunder 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictiondraw / Belouizdad to win
Team to Score predictionBelouizdad
Anytime Goalscorer predictionL. Wamba(Belouizdad)

USM Alger v Ben Aknoun

Result prediction Ben Aknoun to win
Over/Under predictionover 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictiondraw / Ben Aknoun to win
Team to Score predictionboth teams
Anytime Goalscorer predictionn/a

The best Algerian football clubs and league history

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The Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1; known as Championnat National de Première Division or Ligue 1 for short, and formerly known as Championnat National 1, is the Algerian professional league for football clubs. It is the most important football competition in the country and serves as the top division of the Algerian football league system. The Ligue 1 is one of two divisions that make up the Ligue de Football Professionnel, the other the Ligue Professionnelle 2. The league is contested by 16 clubs and works after a promotion and relegation system with the Ligue 2. In 2009 she was known as Championnat d'Algérie D1 Nedjma and from 2010 to 2014 known as Ligue Professionnelle 1 Nedjma, as it is sponsored by the Kuwaiti telecommunications company Nedjma. As of 2014, the league is officially Ligue Professionnelle 1 Mobilis, as it is sponsored by the Algerian telecommunications company Mobilis. The league was founded in 1962 when Algeria became an independent nation. Until 1950, only regional leagues (Algiers, Constantine, Oran) were denied. Some "national" playoffs were held in the first decade of the 20th century, first in 1904. Between 1920 and 1956, the winners played together with league winners from Morocco and Tunisia for the North African Championship.

Between 1957 and 1962, a North African Championship was organized without participation of Morocco and Tunisia (who had gained independence) as the "Algerian Championship".

On 21 August 2010, the FAF announced that the name of the league would be changed to Ligue Professionnelle 1 to reflect the professionalization of the league. The history of football in Algeria is closely linked to French football. When football first appeared in France in 1872, it naturally appeared in North Africa around 1894, a region of the world governed by the French authorities. As a result, football in French Algeria has been progressively developed for more than half a century, establishing a large number of clubs, as well as organizations that determine the practice of football in departmental and supra-regional competitions. Then it ended in 1962, when Algeria was the last area in North Africa to give up French rule, marking the end of colonial French football.

The championship is modified again in the season 1963-1964. After a very complex competition season, regional tournaments are organized according to a system of several groups, with in some cases a regional final and a final round determining the first Algerian champion. The Algerian football leaders have managed to reach a certain elite. Most of the teams that participated in the competition last season are divided into three regional divisions. The championship was then named ephemeral DH, the "Honor Division". In contrast to the previous season, instead of many individual groups from three regions or regional football leagues, only one group per region was formed.

Team of USM Annaba (now Hamra Annaba, winner of the second championship football in Algeria, season 1963-1964). After these regional championships for the West Region or the West Division Honneur, the ASM Oran was crowned regional champion after a final victory two goals to one against his rival Oran on MC Oran and qualified for the national tournament with the striker Abdelkader Reguig named Pons. For the central region or division Honneur Center, the NA Hussein Dey on the last matchday on the pole position of their direct rival, the CR Belcourt thanks to his goalkeeper Amirat, senior contribution to qualifying his team in the national tournament, playmaker tries to destroy chabibiste Hacène Lalmas. As far as the Eastern Region or the Eastern Division is concerned, Honneur is even the former USM Bone winner of USM Annaba of the group, whom I qualified for the finals with his player-coach Mohamed Boufermès for the second consecutive year. She beats the Group II Division Final MSP Batna winner.

This time, the three regional champions met in Constantine to determine who will win the second title. As the issue takes place in this city, it was decided that the fourth team accompanying the three champions should be the Dolphin, the Honorary Division of the Constantine League, the MSP Batna. After the competition, the USM Annaba winner in the semi-final of the ASM Oran) will be needed in the final against NA Hussein Dey (winner of the MSP Batna), a goal from one to zero. This is the first and only championship title of Annaba to this day.

The 2007-2015 period consisted of two FIFA World Cup ™ appearances by the national team, which qualified in the fourth round of the 2014 World Cup. During this period, the ES Sétif also returned at national and international level, with 5 titles in nine seasons, 9 podiums out of 9 possible (a second and three thirds) and an unprecedented participation by the Algerian club in the FIFA Club World Cup. Since 2007, the ES Sétif has dominated the Algerian championship, the Cup team is therefore a distant memory, in fact, apart from the JS Kabylie, which was successful between 1976 and 1986 with 11 consecutive podium 6-Konsekrationen, has no other team Competition is so dominated. The dominance of the ES Sétif is all the more practical, as the club in addition to the five championship titles Algeria won two Algerian Cups with the Cup Double / Championship 2011-2012 (the second in the club's history after that achieved in the 1967-1968 season). and two consecutive championship title titles of the 2012-2013 season after that of 2011-2012, the team also shone on regional, continental and even global level by being the first Algerian club in history to be the one editing the Club World Cup In 2014, after winning the Champions League CAF 2014, the club won the African Super Cup in 2015. The ES Sétif won a total of 14 titles in all competitions in just 9 years (a record).

Given the dominance of ES Sétif, no other club could sustain its rivalry with Sétif over several seasons, as each season brought in new rivals that challenged the Eagle Black Highlands' influence on the championship, which was the reason for the league's four different appearances Winners alongside ES Sétif in nine seasons, these two clubs played the descent systematically or three seasons or even a single season after their coronation, the case of MC Alger was sacred in 2010 and USM Alger in 2014, both scarcely saved The season of The JS Kabylie of her legendary president Mohand Cherif Hannachi, who led the coronation in 2008, fled from relegation to a day at the end of the 2010-2011 season. However, the most successful club in Algeria also managed three podiums His coronation, the club ASO Chlef in Holy 2011 and Delfin 2008, has meanwhile not respected, as in the 2014-2015 season, the club in which the JSM Bejai plays a double Vice-champion in Algeria in 2011 and 2012, who experienced the same fate in the 2013-2014 season. The phenomenon is partly explained by the fact that the Algerian champions and the runners should represent Algeria in the African Champions League next season. The competition, which takes place mainly in the summer, is very energy-, time- and cost-intensive. The nature of the African continent, its climate and long distances between the country and the lack of infrastructures for sports and hotels in some black African countries do not always have the advantage represent Algerian teams. The ES Sétif is the only team not affected by the phenomenon.

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