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Angola Girabola football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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Angola Girabola

Angola football leagues, and players

Girabola or Campeonato Nacional de Futebol and Séniores Masculinos is the top league of Angolan football. It is organized by the Angolan Football Association. The league winner and runner-up qualify for the CAF Champions League.

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In January 2016, Angolan subscription TV satellite and cable provider ZAP, the Angolan Football Association and the Girabola clubs signed a three-year contract in which ZAP has broadcasting rights for all Girabola games. Under the terms of the agreement, the state television station TPA in Angola is allowed to broadcast one game per week on its Free View platform. Also within the scope of the deal, the Girabola changes its name to Girabola ZAP.

Football is the most popular sport in Angola, followed by basketball. The national team qualified for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and many Angolan footballers play internationally, especially in Portugal and France. The top national league is the Girabola. The country was a Portuguese colony since the late 15th century. And so it was the Portuguese who made football popular here. Football in Angola is still shaped by its Portuguese origins and relationships, for example through a number of affiliates of the Portuguese clubs Benfica Lisbon and Sporting Lisbon. Many Angolan footballers also play internationally, especially in Portugal, but also in France, but mostly in lower leagues.

The national football association of Angola is the Federação Angolana de Futebol (FAF). It was founded in 1979 after Angola's independence from Portugal in 1975. The FAF organizes the national football leagues Girabola (1st league) and Gira Angola (2nd league) and is also responsible for the Angolan national team of men and women.

The country hosted the 2010 African Nations Cup.The national team took part in 2006 for the first time in the FIFA World Cup. During qualifying, Angola won Group 4 against Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Algeria and Rwanda. The team, along with Portugal, the Mexican national football team and Iran, were placed in Group D. They finished with 0 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat and finished in 3rd place in the group. They did not complete the group game. On 4 September 2006, the African Football Association CAF announced that the Africa Cup 2010 will be awarded to Angola. Four new stadiums were built for the African Championship: the Estádio 11 de Novembro with 50,000 seats in Luanda, the Estádio Nacional de Ombaka with 35,000 seats in Benguela and the Estádio Nacional de Chiazi in Cabinda and the Estádio Nacional da Tundavala in Lubango each 20,000 spectators. In the group draw Mali, Algeria and Malawi were assigned to Group A. Angola was appointed as group leader of this group.

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