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Austria Erste liga football predictions, league table, fixtures and scorers

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Austria Regional liga

Austrian Football Second League is the second highest professional league in Austria

The Austrian Football Second League (2nd league) is the second highest professional league in Austrian football. It used to be called the First League, from 2002 to 2018.

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The division currently consists of 16 teams, and the league champion is promoted to the Austrian Bundesliga. The three last placed teams will rise directly from the second league in the Regionalligen. The Austrian football 2.Bundesliga is currently referred to for sponsorship reasons as HPYBET 2.liga.

The Austrian Football league 2017/18 (German: First League, also known as sponsorship as Sky Go First League) was the 44th season of the Austrian football league and the last as First League. It started on July 21, 2017 and ended on May 25, 2018. The games were announced on June 21, 2017.

The goal of a club relegated from the second division depends on the state in which he is a member. The losers join one of the regional leagues in the east, center or west of the country. The three state league champions are promoted to the second division. Prerequisite for participation in the professional Second League is the admission by the fifth senate of the Bundesliga. If the license is denied for economic reasons, a team less decreases.

Austrian 2nd league story:

The ball feeling is laid in the cradle of Lukas Fridrikas. His father Robertas stormed for the Austria and the Lithuanian national team. His mother Ausra was the best handball player in the world. When the seven-time Champions League winner and world champion lists their long list of success at the meeting with the 2. Liga-Journal on the Birkenwiese, Lukas is proud: "It's surreal. Not even Messi and Ronaldo were so successful in football. "But Ausra also has great respect for the achievements of her son. With twelve goals and three assists, the tens of FC Mohren Dornbirn 1913 has been instrumental in the rise of the West League. Even though he missed half a season with a torn ligament.

That Lukas today kicked footballs, instead of throwing handballs, he owes the late discovery of his passion. He was almost ten when he started kicking the Admira. "When I wanted to register, many laughed. That's when I realized that we were very late, "says Ausra. "At first I was just the emergency nail, I've met eight times. I was more pleased with a goal in training than others in the match. "Crucial was a conversation with Red Bull's former youth coach Percy van Lierop:" He showed me that running and fighting are not enough if you are technically too bad , The only thing you need is a ball, he said. "Lukas then showed a diligence that is second to none:" He trained the ball for three hours every day for two years. "Lukas went in Salzburg Academy. The football career was an ups and downs, led him to Seekirchen, Wiener Neustadt and Parndorf. Before he landed in Dornbirn in 2017, where his mother trained the handball team of SVV Dornbirn.

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