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Belarus First division football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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Belarus 1 division

Belarusian First League is the second league of professional football in Belarus

The Belarusian First League is the second league of professional football in Belarus. It was founded in 1992 after independence from Belarus. The league's typical format envisages 16 clubs that will play a double round tournament on 30 match days (except for the shortened seasons in 1992 and 1995, which were single round tournaments). In several cases, the number of participating teams was lower (15 or 14) due to last-minute outages and no teams available for replacement.

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In most seasons, two top teams are promoted to the Belarusian Premier League, while two worst teams are relegated to the Belarusian Second Division. However, there were some deviations from this formula, especially if the Premier League was extended or shortened.

Two of the best teams in the Belarusian Premier League 2017 (Luch Minsk and Smolevichi-STI) were promoted to the Belarusian Premier League. They were replaced by two lowest placed teams in the 2017 Belarusian Premier League (Slavia Mozyr and Naftan Novopolotsk).

Two worst placed teams of the last season (Osipovichi and Neman-Agro Stolbtsy) descended into the second division. They were replaced by two best teams in the 2017 Second League (UAS Zhitkovichi and Chist).

In March 2018 Torpedo Minsk received an additional promotion to the Belarussian Premier League to replace Krumkachy Minsk (who did not qualify for the Premier League and was reduced to the second division). Torpedo was substituted for missing players for no other team, and the league was reduced to 15 clubs for the season.

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