Bermuda premier football league predictions, table and fixtures

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Bermudian Digicel Premier Divisionis the highest level of professional football in Bermuda

The Bermudian Premier Division (officially the Digicel Premier Division for sponsorship reasons) is the highest level of professional football in Bermuda.

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The teams in this league (currently ten) fight for the national title and can theoretically secure a place in the CONCACAF Caribbean Club Shield, although there was still no entry for the Bermudas. The Bermudas taking part in the CONCACAF Champions' Cup (precursor to the CONCACAF Champions League) qualified in the North American Zone (when the zone qualification was used) and last performed in 1992.

The two lowest teams descend into the First Division at the end of each season.

The Bermuda national football team represents Bermuda in international football and is controlled by the Bermuda Football Association. You are a member of the CONCACAF Football Association.

The club football is next to the cricket one of the biggest sports in Bermuda.

The sport was brought to Bermuda by the British. It is led by the Bermuda Football Association (BFA) and is a full member of FIFA, CONCACAF and Caribbean Football Union. The BFA organizes the Bermuda national football team. Despite the small size of the island, they have traditionally beaten their weight.

Today, Bermuda's top league is the Bermudian Premier Division.

The football game was brought to the island by British at the beginning of the 20th century. The national association, the Bermuda Football Association, was founded in 1928, although the association only became a member of FIFA and CONCACAF 34 years later.

In 1963, the Association founded the Bermudian Premier Division, which is said to be the top division of Bermudan Football to this day. In 2006, the BFA founded a new professional club called Bermuda Hogges, which in 2007 played in the USL Second Division, the 3rd League of the United States. In 2009, the club moved to the USL PDL, the 4th League of the United States States. However, after the 2011 season, the United Soccer Leagues announced the teams for the 2012 season, with the Bermuda Hogges were not in the league alignment.

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