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Bolivia LFPB

Bolivia is home to one of the oldest football clubs in South America

The club football is the most popular sport in Bolivia, where in 1923 the first modern rules for the sport were established, which had a significant influence on the development of modern rules of the game. Bolivia has over 2,000 football clubs.

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Bolivia is home to one of the oldest football clubs in South America (Oruro Royal). The top domestic league, the league Professional de Futbol Bolivia, is currently considered one of the major leagues in South America. The country also houses the famous Tahuichi Academy, which has produced many Bolivian football stars.

It has traditionally been a male-dominated sport, but women's football has become increasingly important in recent years.

Football was possibly founded in the late 19th century with the introduction of British sailors, Chileans, Peruvians and Argentines. Nevertheless, the wake of the Pacific War slowed the progress of Bolivian football, and it was not until the 20th century that sport became popular.

The FBF operates several national teams, including men's, women's and youth teams (Olympia, U-20, U-17).

Although Bolivia is usually one of the weaker teams in South America, it has already participated in three FIFA World Cups (1930, 1950 and 1994). scored only one goal in three competitions. Erwin Sánchez was the only goal scorer for Bolivia when he scored in 1994 in the 3-1 defeat of Bolivia against Spain. In two first games Bolivia was invited; and the team qualified only for the 1994 edition. At the Copa América, however, Bolivia has a better and more prestigious record: in 1963 it won one and in 1997 it became runner-up, both played at home. Bolivia participated in a 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup in Mexico, the fourth FIFA tournament it participated in, scoring two goals.

The Bolivian U-17 national team is more successful after winning a U-17 Copa America and playing two FIFA U-17 World Cups.

The Bolivian national football team (Selección de fútbol de Bolivia), also known as La Verde, represents Bolivia since 1926 in international football. It is organized by the Bolivian Football Association (FBF) and is one of the ten members of the FIFA South American Football Association (CONMEBOL).

After participating in the World Championships in 1930 and 1950, they qualified only once - 1994 they lost in the opening match of the tournament in Chicago 1-0 against defending Germany. Bolivia has never won the first round of a World Cup and only scored in 1994. In 1963, however, they won at home the Copa America and were hosted at their next tournament in 1997 runner-up At the Copa America 2015 in Chile, they moved after the 3-2 victory against Ecuador for the first time since 1997 back into the quarter-finals before June 1997, when they Mexico 1-0 defeated in the semifinals.

Bolivia debuted in 1926 in international football, a year after the founding of the Bolivian Football Association. As a participant in the 1926 South American Championship in Chile Bolivia first scored against the hosts with Téofilo Aguilar, but was defeated by the Chileans 7-1. Bolivia also lost the following three games, 0: 5 against Argentina, 1: 6 against Paraguay and 0: 6 against Uruguay.

In 1930, Bolivia was one of the teams invited to Uruguay for the inaugural edition of the World Cup. Bolivia, under contract at the 1930 World Cup in Group 2, lost both games 4-0, first against Yugoslavia at Estadio Parque Central and then against Brazil at Estadio Centenario. The game against the Yugoslavs was for Bolivia the last game against non-South American opponents, until 1972, they met again on Yugoslavia. They returned to the 1950 World Cup, as the retreat of Argentina from the qualification Bolivia led to an automatic mooring. With three teams that did not want to play in Brazil, Bolivia was grouped together with Uruguay in a group of two. The only game of the Bolivians was an 8-0 defeat to Uruguay at the Estádio Independência in Belo Horizonte.

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