Bosnia and Herzegovina Second football league table, goalscorers and fixtures

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Second League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Second League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a football league in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This level is organized in four different leagues - Sjever (North), Centar (Middle), Jug (South) and Zapad (West) (two West leagues until the 2011/12 season).

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This is the second level of football in the Federation and the third level of football in the country. Two teams will be promoted to the Bundesliga at the end of the season, while the bottom teams (depending on the league and the number of lowest leagues) will descend into the cantonal leagues (see football league system in Bosnia-Herzegovina).

The league is divided into four divisions according to geographical criteria: North, Middle, South and West. Winners of the two at the end of the season qualify for the promotion uprising with two teams qualifying for the higher league.

The Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina is at the head of the structure. It is the top division in Bosnian club football and has 16 teams. The league champion is also the champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has the right to take part in the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Champions League. The bottom two teams of the table descend into the second competition stage.

The second division is divided into two leagues - the First League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the First League of Republika Srpska - with 16 and 12 clubs each. Relegated from the Premier League will be downgraded to the second division next season. The geographical location is the criterion for deciding in which of these two leagues the teams will play. The winner of each league is promoted to the Premier League and the lower teams descend. The number of relegation teams depends on how many teams from the Premier League and the third division compete.

The football of the third level is even more widespread. Each league is assigned to a different geographical area. There are four second divisions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and two second divisions in the Republika Srpska. Following the same principle as the promotion and relegation, the league winners will be promoted to the corresponding second division league and the clubs at the bottom of the table will descend into lower grades.

There are cantonal football associations in nine of the ten cantons that make up the Confederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They organize clubs in one or more leagues, depending on the number of clubs they control. In the Republika Srpska, which has no cantons, there are instead four football regions, each of which has a league. The first leagues in the cantons of the Confederation and the regional leagues in Republika Srpska form the fourth level of club football.

Below, there are many different types of organizations. Some cantons (with a large number of clubs) have second leagues, and there are also municipal and inter-communal leagues for clubs that are not affiliated to any cantonal or regional league.

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