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Bosnia Herzegovina Premier league

Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian: BH Telecom Premijer league Bosne i Hercegovine), also known as League 12, is led by Bosnia and Herzegovina in the top flight of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the country's most prestigious football competition, the league changed format in the 2016/17 season and is contested by 12 clubs, with the last two teams relegated at the end of each season.

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The league is represented from the season 2018/19 with four clubs in European competition. The winner of the Premier League will start in the first qualifying round of the Champions League. The winner of the Football Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the runner-up and third-placed of the table start in the first qualifying round of the Europa League.

At the end of the season, two teams are relegated, while the winners of the First League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the First League of Republika Srpska ascend to the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

War time 1992-1996

Following the collapse of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence in late winter 1992, and in April of the same year N / FSBiH applied for membership of FIFA and UEFA. Due to the outbreak of the Bosnian war in April 1992, no games were played in the 1992/93 season. At the end of 1993, some parts of the country restarted football competitions of limited size. But just as the country was ethnically divided, so was football.

In 1993, the Bosnian Croats founded the Herzegovina Football Association and the First League of Herzegovina, in which only Croatian clubs within the borders of West-Herzegovina and few other church-based enclaves competed against each other. In the same year, the Bosnian Serbs also organized their own First League of the Republika Srpska, which was then ruled by the Republika Srpska regime. Apart from a short competition for the 1994-1995 season (won by ńĆelik Zenica), only football came to an area that was under the control of the then institutions of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and under the auspices of the N / FSBiH. The competition under the auspices of N / FSBiH was resumed only in 1995/96, when the First League of Bosnia and Herzegovina was launched.

Postwar period 1996-2000

These three separate football leagues were active until 1998 and 2000 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since then, FIFA and UEFA have supported only the association under the patronage of official and internationally recognized state institutions during the war and also before the Dayton Peace Accord. As after signing, they supported the union of all three organizations as N / FSBiH. This was also the result of FIFA's decision to recognize N / FSBiH as early as July 1996, while UEFA accepted N / FSBiH as a neighbor in the same year until recognition of full membership in 1998. This meant that only N / FSBiH clubs and their national team could compete against each other on an international and official level.

The final union was preceded by several stages. First, a playoff was launched, played in the clubs under the auspices of N / FSBiH for the master. The idea was that under the auspices of the N / FSBiH, the playoffs should for the first time bring together clubs that compete against each other under three different organizations. However, this was rejected by the Serbian Association, so that clubs of the Croatian Football Association and the N / FSBiH for the seasons 1997-98 and 1999 participated in the playoffs -00, while 1998-1999 playoff because of reluctance of the Croatian Association on the decision of which stadiums Games were to be played, was canceled. The next season's play-offs continued for the last time before a full and final agreement was reached in the fall of 2000 on the unified N / FSBiH and its Premier League BiH (Premijer Liga) competition.

Founding of the Premier League 2000-01

The full and final agreement on the combined N / FSBiH and its competition, the Premier League BiH (Premijer League), was reached in the fall of 2000. In the first season 2000-01, however, only clubs from the BiH and clubs from the Republic of Srpska were still competing in their own separate league, as their association still refused to join the agreed unified N / FSBiH and its new competition , However, UEFA and FIFA never intended to recognize this separate organization or competition, which meant that clubs could not compete against each other outside the territory of the company and saw no international football. This situation forced the clubs to insist that their organization also join N / FSBiH, and two years later they became part of the 2002/03 season competition. Since 2000, the Premier League has been the top division of football in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two leagues, the First League of the Republika Srpska and the First League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, are transferred to the second division of the Football Pyramid and serve as feeder leagues to the Premier League.

Premier League as League 12 2016-17 to 2017-18

In the 2016/17 season and the 2017/18 season, BH Telecom Premier League had completely changed its format and reduced a number of clubs from 16 to 12, which is sometimes referred to as "League 12" (League 12), and modified accordingly Launch of playoffs (also known as "title playoffs") and playout. The number of games each club has played in regular time, according to which it entered the play-offs or play-outs depending on their position.

Old format since 2018-19

Since the 2018/19 season, the league is no longer played as in the last two seasons. Actually, very simple, after all 12 clubs have played each other twice, once at home and once away, they will play three games against each other, also at home or away, depending on how the schedule is set up. Thus, the league season has 33 full rounds instead of 22 rounds and an additional 10 rounds in the relegation and championship games.


On July 31, 2012, the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Football Federation signed a two-year contract with BH Telecom for sponsorship of the league, which renamed the league BH Telecom Premier League. The deal was renewed before the start of the 2014/15 season.

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