Cape Verde Nacional football league table, fixtures and goalscorers

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CS Mindelense won his first title in 1953

Football is the most popular sport in Cape Verde. The league is divided into eleven divisions, seven of which are single and two islands. Santiago and Santo Antão have had two zones since 2000 The Cape Verde Football Federation joined CAF in 1986 and FIFA in 2001.

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Cape Verde is one of the few nations known as the "Opening Tournament", although this matches the League Cup used in other countries. Some have become known as the Association Cup in Boa Vista and São Vicente. The light blue indicates a competition with the first and second division. Clubs in different divisions participate in tournaments of the same division (eg if a club plays in a first / first division, it participates in the opening / association cup of the first / first division)).

Football (or football) was first introduced around the 1910s, the first area in which it was introduced was the island of São Vicente, later it was introduced on the island of Santiago, then Sal. CS Mindelense, based on the island of São Vicente is the oldest club in Cape Verde, founded in 1919 and became an official member on May 25, 1922. First football was played, the second oldest is the first football club of the island of Santiago, later Sporting Clube da Praia Founded on 5 August 1929 FC Derby was founded, two years later in the same city of Vitória FC was founded, two of the clubs were first named after a Portuguese club. The official competition began in 1938 and Mindelense was the first club to win a regional title, the colonial title was then official. Also at the same time Sal was the third island with a football club, where the SC Santa Maria was founded in the then capital of the island. Later in 1952, Boa Vista was the fourth island with a club with the Sport Sal Rei Club.

The first all-island football competition began in the early 1950s and CS Mindelense won his first title in 1953. These competitions were territorial as they were, until independence in July 1975, an overseas province of Portugal. Before only the São Vicente Competition There was an association that began in 1937 and existed until 1953. An association from São Vicente and the Santiago Islands was the only participant. Several competitions were canceled, including 1954 and between 1956 and 1957. Another refusal occurred when the last game played before independence and won their last title. Unlike other Portuguese overseas provinces, Mindelense was at that time the only club that had ever participated in a Portuguese Cup competition, and in 1971 participated twice in. The first game after independence was in 1975 and its first title was claimed by CS Mindelense in 1976. The last two cancellations took place in the years 1979, 1982 and 1986. From 1976, an association from one of the islands could participate.

In the early 1980s, the founding of other football teams in the 1990s led to the creation of a new division founded by the island, with the exception that at that time there were only six and later seven, of which one was for the two qualified groups. Mid-1990s, the division was divided into nine groups, which qualified in the three groups A, B and C. Now eleven new island zones have been added for Santiago and Santo Antão, and Group C has been reduced to the two-tier system. For several times, the champion was decided on the highest number of points and goals in 2001 and 2002, the highest number of points ever scored was 19. Nine clubs participated in the national championships until 2003. Sporting Praia holds the highest number of goals in the regular season and a total of 35 in 2005. Also in the season Sporting Praia scored 13: 0 against Desportivo Estância Baixo, making it the game with the highest score in the national championship. Zé di Tchétcha scored the highest goals in the number 14 championships. The champion of the year finished in today's national competition, which started in 2005 and has increased the total number of national championship clubs to twelve. The 2009 season would be the first finals with two clubs from an island (Santiago) or city (Praia). It would take place again in 2010 and 2015 (Derby and Mindelense of Mindelo on the island of São Vicente). The last game with two of the clubs was with Sporting Praia and Mindelense four times (1977, 1988, the next was three times Mindelense and Botafogo (1976, 1980 and 1981) and Mindelense and Académica do Porto Novo (2012) and 2016). Sporting Praia and CS Mindelense each won four titles in a row, the first Sporting Praia between 2006 and 2009 and Mindelense since 2013. In the 2017 season, which begins in mid-May, the triangle system would return and include four clubs in each of the three groups Rest of each Master of the Regional Association (some of which have their own Premier / First Division) and the final phase.The champion of the previous season is qualified and Mindelense is placed in Gro until A.

CS Mindelense has won the most national titles at twelve.

The winner of the national championship will take part in the CAF Champions League the following season, the second-placed club will take part in the CAF Confederation Cup, the first was in 1992 and the last was the Sporting Clube da Praia champion in 2009 and a runner up between 2002 and 2005, between 2010 and 2015, not in the African competition. Once upon a time, a non-master participated in the 2000 edition. Second place went to the CAF Cup and the CAF Trophy, from the 2004 to 2015 merger, and not to the CAF Confederation Trophy. CS Mindelense is not sure if he will qualify for the 2017 CAF Champions League. Since the Cape Verdean Cup was launched in 2007, no Cup winner took part in the Confederation Cup, since the Cape Verdean Cup has been canceled since 2013. It is not clear whether a club will qualify for the 2017 CAF Confederation Cup. A total of six clubs participated, including Sporting Praia, Mindelense, FC Derby, Académica do Sal, Boavista Praia and Travadores. Only one club, SC Atlético, was disqualified because the football association did not name the participant in time.

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