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Modern football has been one of the best-supported sports in China

Football in China consists of club football and the Chinese national football team. Modern football has been one of the best-supported sports in China since its introduction in the early 20th century. The country was falsely recognized by the disgraced former FIFA President Joseph "Sepp" Blatter, who invented football five thousand years ago through Tsu 'Chu, an ancient Chinese ball game (though there is no line between Tsu' Chu or Cuju and the modern football there)). It is generally acknowledged that football was officially formalized in England football in 1863, resulting from a simple game that was played for many centuries between villages in England.

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The national governing body is the Chinese Football Association (CFA). Hong Kong and Macao have separate national teams and leagues. Club football is the most popular spectator sport in China, followed by basketball.

According to the FIFA ranking of 10/08/2017 the men's national team occupies the 77th place worldwide, and according to the FIFA Women's World Ranking of 23.06.2017, the women's national team occupies the 14th place.

The Chinese Football Association Super League, commonly known as the Chinese Super League, currently known as the Chinese Super League Wanda Plaza, is the highest level of the professional football association in China operating under the auspices of the Chinese Football Association (CFA).

The Super league football was created in 2004 by renaming the former top division, the Chinese Football Association Jia-A League. While the league originally consisted of 12 teams, currently 16 teams compete. Seven teams have won the title: Shanghai Shenhua, Shenzhen Jianlibao, Dalian Shide, Shandong Luneng, Changchun Yatai and Beijing Guoan. The current champion of the Super League is Guangzhou Evergrande. In 2015, an average of 22,193 spectators were present.

On 22 October 2016 Marcello Lippi was reserved for the last remaining games to the manager of the team. His first task was against Qatar, where China won at home against their opponents from the Middle East 0: 0, as the fans, who had lost the excitement of the events in the first four games, began to think about the skills of the team close. Lippi decided to revise the team, and China's performance improved significantly. China defeated South Korea 1-0 for the first time in a FIFA-sanctioned tournament, amid tensions over the deployment of THAAD in South Korea, which was viewed by China as a threat. The win over South Korea gave hope to China, but lost 1-0 to Iran. China's chances narrowed with a 2-1 draw with Syria, forcing China to win the remaining games, hoping that Syria will not be able to do anything surprising. China did well and won 1-0 against Uzbekistan at home and Qatar 2-1 away. After the 2-1 draw with Syria and Iran, the team could not qualify for the 2018 World Cup under his tenure, but China's performances showed improvements. Lippi announced in early 2018 that he would leave for the Asian football Cup in 2019. Previously, he had stated that China would be his last team in his coaching career.

Lippi led the side in the final stages of the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, where China won 2-1 against Kyrgyzstan and 3-0 against the Philippines before losing 2-0 to group leader South Korea on 16 January. China then defeated Thailand 2-1 to secure a place in the quarter-finals, where the Chinese team were beaten by a 3-0 defeat by Iran. Subsequently, Lippi confirmed his resignation as head coach.

After the game against Iran rumors of scandals returned to the national team after Feng Xiaoting, who due to his mistake early in the lead went into the reserve of Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao FC was banned. in the accusation of gambling. In addition to Feng, Shi Ke, Hao Junmin and Wu Xi are said to have participated in the gambling scandal, according to Wild East Football, a pro-Chinese football website.

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