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Czech Republic FNL

Czech Football Nationalliga-Fotbalová národní league, FNL

The Czech Football Nationalliga, which is now known for sponsorship reasons as Fortuna národní league, is the second-tier football league in the Czech Republic. Before 2013, it was known as the 2nd League or Druhá League. The two best teams of each season can join the Czech Premier League.

The league replaced the I.ČNL (I. Česká národní league), which was founded after the end of the nationwide Czechoslovak second division in 1977. The league was known simply as II. League (Second League) in 1993 after the founding of the Czech Republic as an independent state.

There are 16 clubs in the FNL. During the season from August to May or June, with a winter break between November and February or March, each club plays twice against each other club (once at home, once away) and receives three points for a win. One for a draw and zero for a loss. From these points a ranking list is created.

The teams are scored according to the total score, goal difference and goals scored. At the end of each season, the two best teams will be promoted to the Premier League, provided they are licensed and meet the league requirements. They are replaced by the two teams that finished last in this division.

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Similarly, the two teams that ended at the end of the FNL are referred by geographical criteria either in the Czech Football League or in the Moravian-Silesian Football League. In return, the champions of each of these regional departments are promoted to FNL.

In the 1993/94 season, the league was played with 16 teams before it was expanded in the 1994/95 season to 18 teams. Since 1995, the league has always been played with 16 teams, but twice a team has not passed their games and the full 30 laps were not finished. First, in the Czech 2nd league 1997/98 as Ústí nad Labem did not meet their games and their results were canceled, and secondly in the Czech 2nd league 2004/05 as Bohemia results were after the game only the first half of the eradicated season.

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