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Czech Junior league football table, goalscorers and fixtures

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The Athletic Club Sparta Praha is a Czech football club based in Prague./h3>

It is the most successful club in the Czech Republic and one of the most successful in Central Europe. He has won three times the Central European Cup (also known as the Mitropa Cup) and reached in 1992 the semi-finals of the European Cup (now UEFA Champions League) and in 1973 the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. Sparta was also internationally successful and won the 1969 World Cup small clubs, the predecessor of the FIFA World Cup.

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Sparta won 27 national championships, 27 times the Czech Cup (former Czechoslovak Cup), also a record, and twice the Czech Supercup. Sparta has long been the main source of the Czech national football team, but not recently, as the best Czech players play almost exclusively in foreign leagues.

At the end of 1893 a small group of young people with three brothers - Václav, Bohumil and Rudolf Rudl - had the idea of ​​founding a sports club. On November 16, the founders' meeting approved the charter of the association and a month later, on December 17, the first annual general meeting took place. Soon after, the Athletic Club Sparta developed its tricolor symbolizing Blue Europa, red is the symbol of the royal city, but the reason for the yellow is no longer known.

At the beginning of the football history of the club, the players wore black jerseys with a large "S" on the front. Then they played for two years in black and white striped jerseys, to which they returned in 1996 and they wore as a reserve strip. In 1906, Club President Dr. Petřík in England, where he saw the famous Woolwich Arsenal played with the red jerseys and decided to get a set to Prague. At that time, he did not know that he founded one of the club's greatest traditions. Sparta players wear white shorts and black socks along with the red jerseys.

Shortly after the First World War, a team was formed that triggered the famous period of the 1920s and 1930s, which was referred to as "Iron Sparta". In the mid-twenties, a football league was established in Czechoslovakia, and the club collected titles for titles. To this day, the fans remember the names of the former players with admiration: Peyer, Hojer, Perner, Káďa, Kolenatý, Červený. Some years later, not less famous names such as Hochman, Burgr, Hajny, Šíma, Silný, Čtyřoký, Košťálek and, in particular, Oldřich Nejedlý, who was the top scorer at the FIFA World Cup in 1934, appeared. Shortly before the beginning of this most famous era played Vlasta Burian, the future king of Czech comedians, in the goal of the club.

The milestones of the first golden phase of the club's history are two titles in the Central European Cup, which found in the 20s and 30s, the same recognition as today's Champions League. The three titles of Sparta are important milestones in the history of the cup. After two victories in 1927 and 1935, the third came in 1964, when the importance of the trophy gradually lagged behind that of other European cups.

In 1946, AC Sparta toured with a 2-2 draw with Arsenal on 2 October by the United Kingdom.

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