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Czech Republic football originated between 1890 and 1990 in Bohemia and was played mainly by Germans

Bohemia was an early lover of football. In the Czech Republic football originated between 1890 and 1990 in Bohemia and was played mainly by Germans (the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The best German club was called Regatta Prague. The first known football match in the Czech Republic took place in 1887 on the small island in the Elbe in Roudnice nad Labem. In 1896, the first derby between SK Slavia Prague and AC Sparta Prague was played 0: 1. 1896 was the first Czech championship controversial, the CFK Kickers Prague (spring) and the German FC Prague (autumn) had won. In 1897 Slavia won the championship of the Czech crown and in 1902 the Cesky AFC Vinohrady won the championship of the Czech Football Association. The Czechoslovak First League was the first football league in Czechoslovakia from 1925 to 1993.

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In 1901, the Czech Football Federation was founded. Between 1903 and 1908, the selection of Bohemian football denied seven international parties. As a result, between 1922 and 1993, the selection and merger of the Czech Republic became Czechoslovakia. Since last year, the organizations of the Czech Republic have become an independent state again.

The highest level is also referred to as the first league (Czech: První league) - officially Fortuna: league. The winner and the second-placed team will be promoted from the 2nd Division.

The 2nd League (2nd Division) is located on the second level of the Football Pyramid. The winners of the ČFL and the MSFL are promoted to this division, so that a total of two clubs are formed. Sometimes, when two clubs descend into the same 3rd league (for example, the MSFL), the MSFL descends three clubs instead of the usual two. (Example: We have two down clubs from the second league - from Moravia - to MSFL.) MSFL will move one club and three clubs will be relocating to the Moravian-Silesian divisions (D and E) next season, usually two teams from the MSFL and three from the ČFL).

The winners of the Czech fourth division (A, B, C) will be promoted to the ČFL, while the teams in the Moravian-Silesian Group (D, E) will be promoted to the MSFL.

The winners of the regional championships will be promoted to the fourth division. (Example: The winner of the Prague championship will be promoted to Division A)

The Czech national football team (Czech: Česká fotbalová reprezentace) represents the Czech Republic in international football and is controlled by the Czech Football Federation. In the past, the team participated in FIFA and UEFA competitions such as Bohemia, Austria-Hungary and Czechoslovakia, finished second at the 1934 and 1962 World Championships and won the 1976 European Championship.

The national team was founded in 1901 and existed under the aforementioned name before the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. Their first international competition as the Czech Republic was the UEFA Euro 1996, in which they were runners-up and have participated in all European championship since. After the split, however, they only participated in a FIFA World Cup, the 2006 tournament in which they were eliminated in the first round of the competition.

A heavily modified team under new coach Michal Bílek entered the qualification for Euro 2012. The campaign began catastrophically with a home defeat by Lithuania. An important home win against Scotland was followed by victories against Liechtenstein. World Champion Spain defeated the Czechs between matches in Liechtenstein, but the play-off spot was still in their hands. In the next game, a controversial last-minute penalty from Michal Kadlec to Scotland secured a 2-2 draw. Although Scotland won the next two games and the Czechs were again defeated by Spain, the team could finish second to Lithuania in the final, provided Spain win against Scotland at home. Spain won 3-1 and the Czechs convincingly defeated Lithuania 4-1 to seal second place and a place in the play-offs. The Czechs met in biped play-off on Montenegro. A memorable goal from Václav Pilař and a last-minute second from Tomáš Sivok helped the Czechs to a 2-0 lead in the first leg. In the second leg in Podgorica, a late Petr Jiráček goal secured a 1-0 win and the Czechs won 3-0 to qualify for Euro 2012.

During the tournament, the Czechs lost their opening match 4-1 against Russia. The only goal scored midfielder Václav Pilař. In the second game against Greece, the Czech Republic scored in the first six minutes thanks to goals from Petr Jiráček and a second goal by Pilař a 2-0 plus. After the transfer of captain Tomáš Rosický at halftime, Greece scored in the second half after Czech goalkeeper Petr Čech made a mistake, although there were no more goals and the Czech Republic scored their first tournament victory. In the last group match, the Czech Republic needed at least one Draw against the co-hosts Poland to reach the knockout phase of the tournament. A second-half strike by Jiráček proved the difference between the teams when the Czechs drew 1-0. With Greece defeating Russia in the other group match, the Czech Republic became the first team ever to win a group at the European Championship with a negative goal difference. The Czech team met Portugal in the quarter-finals. In a thrilling and cage-like game with few chances Portugal finally made the breakthrough, and it remained 11 minutes until Cristiano Ronaldo header won the match 1-0 and eliminated the Czechs.

Due to the improved performance compared to the Euro 2008 (as well as their previous World Cup qualifying campaign) remained Bílek despite unrest among the fans continue coach and was commissioned to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. The Czechs have joined UEFA qualifying Group B with Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Armenia and Malta. The start of the season had stalled, with two goalless draws against Denmark and Bulgaria, paired with a close win against Malta, who finished the first three games. The team then had a setback in their fourth game, losing 0-3 to Denmark at home. The team were able to win against Armenia and draw against group leaders Italy, but lost in the second leg against both Armenia and Italy, which significantly affected their qualification hopes. Bílek resigned after the defeat and was replaced by assistant coach Josef Pešice. In the last two games with their new coach, the Czechs won against Malta and Bulgaria, but lost to Italy. They finished third and finished their qualifying hopes. Pešice retired after completing the qualification as a coach.

Pavel Vrba, the well-known coach of Viktoria Plzeň, was appointed as the team's new coach on the first day of 2014 before the European Championship qualifying campaign qualifying group, namely Group A, along with the 2014 World Cup semifinalists in the Netherlands, Turkey, Iceland, Latvia and Kazakhstan. The Czech team started with a win and defeated the group favorites Netherlands 2: 1 Then they won against Turkey, Kazakhstan and Iceland and finished after four games as a group leader the maximum score. There followed a draw against Latvia. Nevertheless, the Czechs remained group leaders, and on 6 September 2015, the Czech Republic qualified for their sixth European Championship. In a draw against Croatia they managed only one point. They lost to Spain and Turkey and suffered their worst performance at the European Championship.

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