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Football game was introduced by British sailors in Denmark

Club football is the most popular sport in Denmark. 331,693 players and 1,647 clubs were registered (as of 2016) at the Danish Football Association. The game was introduced by British sailors in Denmark.

Until the 2004/05 season there was only a second league and until the season 2015/16 three Denmark Series (Danmarksserie (r)).

Second squad may usually only reach the Denmark Series, but 8 second squad of the Super League teams may participate in the 2nd Division. If the first squad of a team from the Super League has relegated to the first league, the second squad is relegated to the Denmark series. If a second squad reaches a promotion place and is not qualified to move up, the next qualified team is promoted. Therefore, both the second league and the Denmark series can be won more than once in a row by the same team, in contrast to the first league, in which the winner will always be part of the next season's Super League.

From the 2010/11 season, the clubs in the Super League have their own reserve competition, in which the youngest relegated and four wild cards participate. The other teams of the Super League clubs do not play higher than in the Denmark Series.

Format of the lower divisions

The subdivisions are controlled by the regional associations.

The format usually consists of two (regional name) series (example: Fynsserien), followed by series 1, series 2 and so on. The number of lower series varies from 3 in LFBU to 6 in JBU.

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The Danish national football team (Danish: Danmarks fodboldlandshold) represents Denmark in the international football competition and is controlled by the Danish Football Association (DBU), the governing body of football clubs organized under the DBU. Denmark's home stadium is the Parken Stadium in the Copenhagen district of Østerbro, and its head coach is Åge Hareide.

Denmark was the winner of the Intercalated Games in 1906 and the silver medalist in the 1908 and 1912 Olympics. As amateurs who forbid their internationals to become professionals at foreign clubs, Denmark qualified for the FIFA World Cup only in 1986, although in 1960 she again won Olympic silver.

Since 1983, the team has been continuously seen as a highly competitive team. The triumph at the 1992 European Championships in Sweden was the most significant victory, defeating the defending champions Netherlands in the semifinals and Germany in the final. They won the 1995 FIFA Confederations Cup and defeated Argentina in the final. Her best World Cup result came in 1998, when she narrowly lost 3-2 in the quarter-final against Brazil. Denmark reached the second round in 1986, 2002 and 2018.

The first goal for the newly appointed Nielsen was the qualification for Euro 1992 in Sweden. Denmark started with a safe home win against the Faroes, but the following qualifying results were a draw against Northern Ireland and a 2-0 home defeat to Yugoslavia. Due to the bad start and the strong disagreement with the coach on the new defensive tactics, the two best Danish footballers of the time, Michael Laudrup and Brian Laudrup, decided in November 1990 to leave the national team. Following Nielsen Due to disciplinary issues, several newspapers decided to dismiss high caliber players like Jan Mølby and Jan Heintze from the squad and called on Nielsen to resign as head coach as the team fell apart under his influence. Despite this strong criticism, Denmark won the remainder of their five games in the qualifying group, including a 2-1 away win over Yugoslavia. However, this strong comeback was not enough to qualify, as the team had to settle for a second place in the group behind Yugoslavia.

What initially appeared to be a failed qualifier should soon prove to be Denmark's best hour in international competitions. Due to the international sanctions resulting from the Yugoslavia wars, UEFA announced on 31 May 1992, just ten days before the competition, that Yugoslavia would be excluded from the competition and that Denmark, which had won the second prize in Denmark, his qualifying group should be excluded from the competition.

Contrary to popular belief, the team did not enter the tournament completely unprepared after coming home from a seaside holiday. The majority of the players had already gathered for a friendly against the CIS when Denmark officially received the place in Yugoslavia. The Danish team, which relied on goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and his defense as well as the creative mind Brian Laudrup in April 1992 and decided on a comeback for the national team, made the European Championship title one of the biggest surprises in the history of the tournament to win the defensive style of play by head coach Nielsen. Denmark prevailed in the group stage ahead of England and France and defeated the Netherlands - the defending champion of the 1988 European Championship - in the semi-finals on penalties. In the final Denmark won 2-0 against the reigning world champion Germany and thus secured Denmark the first international cup.

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