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Faroe Islands Effodeildin football table, goalscorers and fixtures

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Faroe Islands Premier League-founded in 2005 and replaces 1st deild

The Faroe Islands Premier League (known as Betri deildin menn for sponsorship reasons) is the highest football level in the Faroe Islands. It was founded in 2005 and replaces 1st deild. It is organized by the Football Association of the Faroe Islands.

It is contested by 10 clubs. At the end of each season two teams will descend and two will be promoted from 1st deild. All teams of the league have a semi-professional status.

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As of August 2019, the Faroe Islands Premier League will take 53rd place out of 55 in the UEFA coefficient.

The league was founded in 1942, although the clubs only in 1992 participated in European competitions. The reason was that the Faroe Islands Football Association did not join UEFA until 1990. In the early years, the competition was more in KO format than in a league format.

Before the formation of the Football Association of the Faroe Islands in 1979, the league was organized by the Sports Association of the Faroe Islands. The only time a season was not played was during the British occupation in 1944, when a lack of footballs resulted in the season being canceled.

Formerly called Meistaradeildin, the league changed its name to 1st deild and introduced in 1976 the rise and the descent. Since 1988, 10 clubs have contested an 18-game fixture, its format was switched to a 27-game season in 2005, and the league has since had several sponsored names, called Formuladeildin from 2005 to 2008, Vodafone deild from 2009 to 2011, Effodeildin from 2012 to 2017] and since 2018 Betri deildin menn, while 1st deild became the 2nd stage.

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