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International friendlies

Football exhibition game to provide sport entertainment

An exhibition game (also known as a friendly game, competition, demonstration game, preseason game, warm-up game or preparation game, which depends, at least in part, on the sport) is a sporting event whose prize money and effects affect the players, or the team's ranking is either zero or otherwise Way, greatly reduced. In team sports, games of this type are often used to assist coaches and managers in selecting and conditioning players for the competitive games of a league season or tournament. When players usually play in different leagues in different teams, exhibition games offer players the opportunity to learn how to interact with each other. The games can be played between different teams or between parts of the same team.

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An exhibition game can also be used to master a challenge, to provide professional entertainment, to promote the sport, to remember an anniversary or a famous player, or to raise funds for charity. Several sports leagues host All-Star games to play off their best players against each other, while in other exhibition games, participants from two different leagues or countries may compete against each other to unofficially determine who will be the best in the world. International competitions such as the Olympics can also host exhibition games as part of a demonstration sport.

International football

International teams also play friendly matches, usually in preparation for the qualifying or finals of major tournaments. This is indispensable as the national teams usually have much less time to prepare. The biggest difference between friendly matches at club level and at international level is that international friendlies take place mainly during the season of the club league and not between them. This has occasionally led to disagreements between national associations and clubs regarding the availability of players who might injure or tire in a friendly match.

International friendlies give team managers the opportunity to experiment with team selection and tactics before the actual tournament and to assess the abilities of the players they may choose for the tournament group. Players can be booked in international friendlies and blocked for future international matches due to red cards or accumulated yellows in a given period of time. Internationals and goals scored also count for a player's career. In 2004, FIFA decided that substitution of a team in international friendlies should be limited to six per game, in response to the criticism that such games with eleven substitutions per game were becoming increasingly unpleasant for managers.

Games in multinational football tournaments such as the King's Cup, the Kirin Cup and the China Cup are usually considered by FIFA as international friendlies.

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