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Kazakhstan first football division,table,goalscorers and fixtures

Kazakh football first appeared in Semey before the First World War

The Kazakh football first appeared in Semey before the First World War, when England merchants brought the game to the region. Among the early players was the writer Mukhtar Auezov, who played for the biggest club of the time, Yarysh. Soon followed by teams in Pavlodar and Dschambul, before 1928 for the first time a Kazakh SSR representation officially appeared. In the 1930s, Kazakh club teams regularly took part in the lower ranks of Soviet football.

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After the Second World War began a regular league in 1946, while a cup competition, which was previously held only sporadically, was held in full-time in 1948. A permanent Kazakh SSR football association was founded in 1959. Leading club FC Kairat Almaty wrote history in 1960 It was the first Kazakh team to play in the Soviet league and in 1963 continued to write history by reaching the semi-finals of the Soviet Cup. This was the best performance of a Kazakh team in the competition. They will record the first triumph of Kazakhstan in the Soviet Premier League in 1976.

By 1977, when FC Kairat defender Seilda Baishakov had made a FIFA World Cup qualifier against Hungary, no Kazakh footballer had represented the USSR. Later, in 1986, his club was even more honored with seventh place in the Top League, the best result ever for a Kazakh club. National player Eugeny Yarovenko was also a member of the victorious Soviet team at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, a Football Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan was founded in 1992, which was soon incorporated into FIFA and the Asian Football Association. The national team debuted shortly after and individual Kazakh competitions were founded. The renamed FFK joined UEFA in 2002 and ended its relationship with the AFC.

The most important league in the country is the Kazakh Premier League, which emerged in 1992 from Zone 8 of the third tier of Soviet football and was co-opted by other higher-ranking Kazakh clubs. A first league was added in 1994 and this competition is now organized regionally and is headed by another regionalized second division. The Kazakhstan Cup will also be announced as successful clubs enter the first rounds of the Uefa Champions league and the UEFA Europa League.

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