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Live scores is a type of service offered by many sports-related websites and sport news broadcasters. As well as the online sportsbook providers. Livescores are in most cases available free. All sports fans are allowed to view sport data of almost all sports events. In the past, football livescore service was only available on television via teletext and / or on the radio. There are now many websites that offer livescores information. It is possible to watch the live results of many events simultaneously. Some websites offer additional information, such as the link to teh players history record and statistics. Several sports organizations, such as England football Premier League, Major League Baseball and the National Football League have set up their own networks to deliver live results via mobile phones.

History of football LiveScore service in and sport data feed | 9ja.bet

Here read the example: The program began as part of the long-running program World of Sport, a sports magazine that was broadcast on 2 January 1965 to 28 September 1985 in the ITV network. At 4:45 pm, the final whistles started. World of Sport was blown up at football matches across the UK and broadcast "Results Service." Reports of major football matches were recorded before a full review by Bob Colston.

After the demise of World of Sport ITV undertook to broadcast sports on Saturday afternoon, but not as a magazine program, but as a stand-alone show. It usually begins around noon with British wrestling (formerly a staple for World of Sport at 4pm), followed by Saint and Greavsie, a football preview and successor to World of Sport's On the Ball segment. This was often followed by an hour of non-sporting program, usually an American adventure series like Airwolf, followed by a two-hour program block of sports such as snooker, darts, athletics, gymnastics, ice skating or hockey. Then the results service would be broadcast at 16:45. Reporting on horse racing, which was previously part of World of Sport, continued as Channel 4 Racing on the former ITV sister channel Channel 4.

The program was usually moderated by Elton Welsby, who had made a name for himself at ITV Sport and had already established himself as a presenter in the TV region of Granada. In the early years, the theme tune was a variant of the World of Sport theme of 1983, though in later years two more themes were used. It started at 16:45 and lasted 15 minutes.

Football was always the dominant sport in the program, although results of other sports, in particular rugby union, cricket and snooker, were presented until the 1988/89 season. Following the ITV's live broadcast coverage and exclusive coverage of the Football League at the beginning of the 1988/89 season, the program focused primarily on football and also included footage from the games of the day, in which videos were broadcast to the studios could be for the broadcast in time.

Usually, the program began with Welsby's latest results and some gating in later years, followed by game reports by ITV commentators at the games, as well as reporters working for various independent local radio stations in the UK like Tom Ross from BRMB or Richard Park from Radio Clyde. Bob Colston continued his role as a reader of classified results throughout the program, which he would do towards the end of the program. Welsby then gave an overview of the rankings and gave a brief overview of the live match on ITV the following Sunday.

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