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Betting on Nigerian Professional Football League ? Well Soccervista provides daily football predictions and dare to provide free betting tips. We beleive in our opinion the tips are best possible. What happen on the pitch and how the teams will play it is hard to predict. Some of you could predict better. Anyway read SoccerVista Nigeria tips.

Football is most popular sport in Nigeria, SoccerVista

NPFL, on closer inspection, shows that home teams are winning. Regardless of the position in the table, the home team is always a favorite. Even teams that play for the title of Enugu and Lobi Stars will not win in the matches outside. Although check out an interesting series of draws of the Lobi Stars football team last season. Descending from the highest competition is a hard blow. If you descend and have a strong sponsor, you can count on a big change not only players, but also the implementation team. The teams on the lower floors of the 5 outdoor games will lose at least 3 games. A draw can be considered a success in their case. But in home games, count that even weaker teams at home will win at any time. And lose 3 times in a row at home? Impossible. NPFL is a great competition to bet on.

Analyze newcomers at the start of the competition. Review the experience of players and coaches. And compare the football teams with the classic participants whether they will fight to maintain the competition or play the calm center of the table. But one thing is certain. They won't lose at home!

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