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Poland 2.liga football league table, fixtures and scorers.

Poland 2.liga

Druga League-third division of the Polish football

II League (Druga League) is a Polish football league based in the third division of the Polish football league system. By the end of the 2007/08 season, the II League referred to a league in the second league, although this changed with the formation of Ekstraklasa as the top division in Poland. Currently, the II league is under the I-League and over the III league.

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Since the 2014/15 season, one group has formed the II league, unlike previous seasons, when there were two groups (West and East). The league consists of 18 teams. Two first teams win the promotion to the I Liga. The teams of places 15 to 18 will be demoted to the III league. The teams will play in the 34th league in two rounds after 9 games (including 306 matches): in autumn and in spring.

The first three places in the final table will be rewarded with a promotion to the first division, the 4th team plays in the playoffs for entry into the second level. The last four teams fall into the third division.

The history of the II League or the third stage of the Polish football system goes back to the Second Polish Republic. In 1927, the Ekstraklasa, also called National League (League Panstwowa) was founded. Below the Ekstraklasa there were several regional A-classes, which in most cases covered the territory of a voivodeship (see lower-level football leagues in the inter-war period in Poland). Further down there were B classes (usually two to three counties) and in regions with enough football teams C classes (one county).

On June 29, 1945, officials of the Polish Football Association (PZPN) established a three-tier system for regional championships in Poland in Krakow. The first stage was the pre-1939 A-Class, followed by the B-Class and the C-Class. This system remained in use until 1951, when it was replaced in March 1952 by the four classes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Meanwhile, the number of teams in the second stage of the Polish tier was reduced from 40 to 14 (March 1953), which meant that up to 26 teams had automatically relegated to the third tier. As a result, there were 93 teams in the third level, divided into 8 groups. Six of these groups covered more than one voivodeship, while two groups (Katowice and Krakow) covered only their provinces due to the footballing potential in these regions. After the regular season, eight winners played in two-way playoffs, with two winners taking second-level promotion.

On February 13, 1955, the Third League with four groups was officially founded in Warsaw. This idea was abandoned after a month for financial reasons. Instead, 1956 regional leagues with 15 groups were founded. In 1960, Polish football changed from spring-autumn to autumn-spring system. The first games of the new system took place on 19 August 1960. On February 26, 1966 PZPN decided to reduce the number of groups to 4 with 16 teams each. The Macroregional Liga, as it was then called, existed in this form until 1973, when Polish football officials decided to reintroduce the regional leagues with 20 groups (since 1974 - 24 groups). In 1976, 8 groups with 112 teams were founded. In 1980, the number of groups was reduced to 4, in 1982, 8 groups were founded again. The system of 8 third level groups remained unchanged until 1998, with the exception of 1989/1990, when there were four groups.

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