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Italy, Serie B football league predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

Italy football Serie B

Serie B football - series BKT

The Serie B, which is currently designated for sponsorship reasons series BKT, is after the Serie A football, the second highest division in the Italy football league system. She has been in action for over eighty years since the 1929/30 season. It was organized by Lega Calcio until 2010, when the Lega Serie B was created for the 2010/11 season. Common nicknames for the league are Campionato Cadetto and Cadetteria, as Cadetto is the Italian for junior or cadet.

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At the end of the season, three teams will be promoted to Serie A and four teams will descend into Serie C. The two best teams will be promoted automatically. If the third-placed team is 10 or more points ahead of the fourth-placed team, then this is also promoted automatically. Otherwise, a playoff tournament will determine the third-placed team to climb. In the 2013/14 season between two and six teams with a "playoff margin" of 14 points from the third-placed team participate in the playoff tournament. Under the new playoff format, up to three rounds may be required. The last two rounds are a two-legged duel, while the opening round matches (if required) will be played by the higher-ranking team. If a draw is drawn at the end of the regular game (one or two games depending on the round), the overtime is played. If the two teams are still tied after 30 minutes, the higher ranked team moves forward.

In the relegation zone, the last three teams placed (17th, 18th and 19th) will automatically be reduced to Serie C. If the 15th team is 5 or more points ahead of the 16th team, then the 16th team is downgraded to the 4th and last teams, otherwise the conditions for a playoff, commonly called playout, are given.

If playout is required, teams ranked 15th and 16th in a two-legged home-winning series in second leg will be paired with the 15th place team. The team with the higher total score remains in Serie B, while the loser is the fourth team to relegate to Serie C. If at the end of the regular game there is an all-match in the second leg, the team will be saved in 15th place and the team ranked 16th will be downgraded.

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