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Sweden Superettan football league predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

Sweden Superettan

Superettan is a federation football league and the second highest league

Superettan is a federation football league and the second highest league in the league system of Swedish men's football. It is contested by 16 clubs and maintains a promotion and relegation system with Allsvenskan and Division 1. The seasons last from April to October. The teams each play 30 games, a total of 240 games in the season.

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The league was founded in 2000. The second stage of Swedish football previously consisted of a different number of regional leagues operating under the names Division 2 (1924-1986) and Division 1 (1987-1999).

There are 16 clubs in Superettan. During a season (starting in April and ending in October), each club plays twice, once in the home stadium and once in the stadium of the opponent, a total of 30 games. At the end of each season, the two lowest ranked teams descend to Division 1, and the two winning teams of the Division 1 leagues are promoted in their place, while the third and fourth lowest team in Superettan deny a promotion / relegation match Second-placed teams in Division 1. The two best teams in Superettan will be promoted to Allsvenskan, and the two lowest ranked teams from Allsvenskan will descend. The third-placed team in Superettan denies a promotion / relegation match against the third lowest team in Allsvenskan.

The Swiss company Kentaro owns since 2006 the television rights for Superettan. Under license agreements with the media company TV4 Group, games will be broadcast on TV4 Sport, which will broadcast a total of 90 games in 2013. The remaining 150 games are available as an online pay-per-view. The current license agreement is valid from 2011 to 2015.

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