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What is soccervista? | SoccerVista

Do you want to know more about Soccervista?

Soccervista fot nigerian bettors is one of the Soccer Expert Predictions Tipping Corporations and is a specialist available for correct football scoring tips. In addition, it comes with an extensive network connection. In addition, it connects from Europe to the Asian country of Singapore and Indonesia. Main focus is on England football leauges. But you find predictions sorted for all football leagues in the world. From LaLiga , Serie A to Brasil leagues. Of course all predictions are for free. No matter you live in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan or Abuja. Is it connect with Bet9ja ? It is the question , no one fromublic is able to answer.

Want more? Yes, Soccervista provides livescore, football news. EVen transfer rumour adn football videos from major football leagues!

In addition, it connects Australia, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. Also, it provides correct score betting information from the top syndicate that will blow your mind. In addition, it provides soccer results and predictions since for many years.

Also, if you choose the soccer league, you will find statistics, picks, tables and information for all your betting needs. Also, all football information on this site is free. Therefore, you can choose a soccer game by date. Or, you can select the league from the list of countries.

Soccervista as a prediction advisory body

Soccervista is a corporation that offers soccer betting tips with correct scores. Half time, finale time results and scorers predictions. In addition, Soccervista offers live advice and services. And it provides clients with safe and profitable soccer advice. In addition, it offers a high strike rate and guaranteed earnings.

In addition, you receive confidential information from a global network of unions. This refers to the health of teams, financial information, team line-up, injuries, and other factors that affect team performance.

Taking into account all the above information, along with other data such as statistical analysis and past performance and after an in-depth analysis of matches, soccervista's team of experienced analysts carefully chooses soccer match predictions.

Soccervista Tips and Predictions
All Soccervista tips are carefully selected and verified. This is to provide clients with the highest quality soccer expert predictions. Soccervista maintains a good long-term association and loyalty with clients.

Soccervista is proud to state that their professionalism has led to great success and reliability for our clients around the world, such as UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, etc.

Additionally, Soccer Expert Predictions has achieved one of the highest winning percentages. And this is in the soccer player's paid tip market. Furthermore, this is the result of consistently providing a highly accurate soccer expert prediction service to customers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) in Soccervista Nigeria

1. What does 9 mean in Liverpool?
The number in front of the tip suggests confidence in the tip. Also, the scale is 1 to 10. A higher number represents greater confidence in the tip. But it also lowers the rate most of the time.

However, the number is followed by the suggestion of the winner of the match. Therefore, "9 in Liverpool" means that Liverpool will most likely win the match.

This is old style how to display the betting tip. Now Soccervista use direct prediction for win and draw. For exmple result of the match : Liverpool to win.

2. What does 1X2 mean?

1 tip is to win the home team. Tip X is for tie or tie. Also, 2 tips are to win the visiting team. And 1X tip is for the home team not to lose. While the tip X2 is so that the visiting team does not lose

3. What does under / over

It's about betting on how many goals will be scored. Low means less than 3 goals will be scored during the match (0: 0, 1: 0, 0: 1, 2: 0, 0: 2, 1: 1), on the other hand, it is a bet for more two will be scored goals during the match.

4. How can I bet on SoccerVista?

SoccerVista.ng is not a sportsbook. It only provides statistics and tips for tipsters.

5. Which bookmaker do you recommend for me? Is Bet9ja OK?

They offer the best odds on the internet. They are a well established and stable bookmaker and you can trust them with your money. Soccervista.ng propose you chack more bookmakers and select the best one suits you. Mainly from money transfer point of view and the odds. If you prefere to bet on other sports, not only football. Then check the bookmakers sports offers.

More frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Soccervista

1. Are online gambling reliable?

It is, most of the time. However, online gambling is illegal in some countries. Make sure you find out what the laws are in your country and choose the bookmaker very carefully.

2. Is everything in SoccerVista free?

It is completely free. They do not offer any paid services.

3. Does Soccervista provide tips on tennis, hockey and horses?

No, not them. They are Soccervista!

4. Does Soccervista provide fixed tips?

No, not them. Soccervista's forecasts are based on the current condition of the team, the injuries of the players and the mutual statistics.

5. How can I bet on SoccerVista.ng?

You can not! Soccervista are not bookmakers. Furthermore, soccervista only offers statistics, tips, information about football matches and results.

However, for betting, use trustworthy and trustworthy bookmakers.

Now you have a deep knowledge about soccervista. So, allow this knowledge to change your betting perspective.

Soccervista football betting story.

"I started making money in 'online' gambling and they blocked me"
More and more cases are emerging of professional players reporting different types of restrictions by bookmakers when they are successful in bidding.
Felix does not want to be recognized in this report. If he knows who he is, his way of life could fall apart. He is a gambling player 'online', and after ten years and 100,000 euros lost, one day, he began to win. He is the leader of Los Bohemiers, a group made up of six family members and friends, and together they have earned close to one million euros in the last year. For this reason, Félix left his job as a salesperson a few months ago to dedicate himself to what for many is nothing more than a hobby. However, the bookmakers do not make it easy: "They are only interested in losing players," he says.

As has happened to other members of the digital version of Los Pelayos, as Félix began to perfect his methods, he saw how the big betting websites began to block his access. "If you have a record of winning enough money either they throw you out of the betting house, or they do not let you bet, or only for ridiculous amounts," he says. Although each has restrictions in different ways, the most common method is to limit the amount of money they can bet, which makes the game unattractive. With two windows open, Félix shows how one of the largest 'online' bookmakers in Spain uses several of these methods. On the one hand, with an account with which you have won enough money, the maximum for a specific bet is 31.25 euros. In the other, with a “virgin” account, unused, the limit is 3,125 for the same bid.

The method that Félix has developed is based on statistics and the use of large databases that make him foresee what may happen in basketball or football matches, where he mainly plays. “Most of the houses make general statistics, but they do not take into account the characteristics of each party, which is what I study. It is not illegal, I just study the background, "he explains. However, his account was restricted from participating in the markets he was engaged in, and now he uses accounts of family and friends. “The houses want players who lose; who bet a little and when they win, they invest it in another game, but in the long run they lose it because they don't know, ”he adds. Luis is also a professional player and like Felix he has experienced these limits in practically every bookmaker. His profile matches the general of online players: male between 18 and 45 years old. However, the average of 243 euros per year that it is estimated that each player spends in Spain falls short. He earns about 70,000 euros a year with this activity, working much less than a normal working day. For this reason, he also left his job, related to statistics and predictive methods, six years ago. He has taken the step of denouncing Bet 365 along with about a hundred other plaintiffs who provide evidence on discriminated restrictions on their access. They are mobilizing through the betting platform where they give instructions to all who want to join the demand.

In last year, the online gaming industry spent more than 96 million euros on advertising and promotion in this sector and 37 million only on welcome bonuses

"We have decided to denounce some betting company because it is the one with the most players in the world, although it is not the one that imposes the most limits," explains Ricardo Fabrega, the lawyer in charge of the lawsuit. "We want it to serve as a precedent and to stop using the abusive clauses that contemplate these limits and that discriminate against players for their ability in all bookmakers," he says.

Bonuses and advertising to attract players

The way these bookmakers decapitate players is largely through advertising and welcome bonus offers that offer a certain starting amount "free" to start betting. In last year, the online gaming industry spent more than 96 million euros on advertising and promotion in this sector and another 37 million only on the aforementioned bonuses. However, the betting body warns about their use, stating that they are a "hook" for which you have to pay an amount similar to the one they are going to give you and then "force you to play it a few times" within a certain period of time to be able to withdraw it and assuming minimal risk.

Although the most popular are sports, on these websites you can bet on practically any event: from elections to annual hot dog contests. Luis explains that his greatest specialization is european football leagues, a celebration for which he spends a lot of time analyzing relations between countries. "This year I was clear about the results of Russia with the controversy among gays and taking into account the type of public that watches Eurovision." It tends to focus on less popular minority markets, sports or leagues because the other players are more likely to be unskilled and therefore more likely to win. In addition, as he explains, in these types of markets the house also spends less time analyzing the data and therefore setting better odds (the money paid per euro wagered). "We calculate the statistics better than they do," he explains.

"The betting house always wins"

Developing methods based on predictions or statistics cannot be a reason for restriction, according to players and lawyers. To block an account, bookmakers have to prove that the player's behavior has been fraudulent, collusive (to agree with another player), or that he has used third parties to register. In addition, they must report every three months the accounts that they cancel or disable the DGOJ and provide evidence. And according to Carlos Lalanda, a gambling specialist, under no circumstances can they block the money earned, even if they collect it in their conditions: “This is an abusive clause, and it could only be considered as compensation, but as long as a judge does not consider it, we are claiming that they cannot do it. " However, Félix *, from Los Bohemiers assures that this has happened to him with a bookmaker: “They tell you that they lack the ID, that they have it from the beginning because it is necessary to register, after a receipt ... ”. Given the delay and the "excuses" he decided to report them, after which it took three days to let him withdraw the money earned.

"The decisions have to be based on the liquidity of the market, and not to generate first and second players"

That is why the strategy used by these houses is to limit the maximum amount of money to bet, before which the players can do practically nothing. "In counterpart bets, the player is the one who offers the amount to bet and the house can decide whether to accept it or not, for whatever reason, it is also specified in the terms of use clauses," explains Lalanda. However, for Fabrega, the lawyer in charge of furniture, this generates discrimination between the players based on their ability: "Decisions have to be based on the liquidity of the market, and not to generate first and second class players" . It also adds that the contract that is signed as an "adhesion" does not allow the user to make modifications, with an "advantage" for the bookmaker: "They reserve the right to limit, exclude users, unilaterally without attend to reasons ”, denounces the lawyer. With this same reason, last week a player from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in Cádiz, won a lawsuit with bookmaker for invalidating a bid after having won 2,521 euros, where the international house alleged that there had been an "error" in the bet on a Romanian women's league match. Finally the judge considered the clause as abusive and boookmaker has been forced to pay him the amount and pay the procedural fees.

Alternatives outside the law

Since the current Gaming law was approved in 2012, only accredited operators can provide this service, and users can only play legally in the nearly 50 'online' gaming operators that are accredited in Spain, some thirty of them betting shops. To regulate and supervise this market, where every year the number of users increases with about half a million today, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) was created. Luis went to them to report his case before opting for the judicial route, but he assures that it was not very useful: “They try to show that they are worried but they do nothing, most of the resolutions agree with the house and not the player ”. From the DGOJ they point out that the "presumed abusive nature" of these clauses "can only be declared by a judge" and add that the gaming contract "is of a private nature, so that contractual disputes cannot be resolved by the DGOJ ”. As an alternative to continue playing at gambling houses, some users opt for techniques to the limit of the law, such as using third parties to register in exchange for a small fee or installing camouflage programs from the computer's IP to play abroad , where they do not have any type of legal protection. Luis sees his future outside the world of gambling: "I estimate that I will continue for two or three more years, but I think that in the end I will have to leave it, because Justice will agree with them," he explains. Félix, for his part, considers going abroad, although when he looks back, he believes that he would not have started in this world, which cost him his relationship with his girlfriend because of "all the stress and time devoted to this." I would change all the money that I have earned because she would come back to me and forgive me everything, "he says.

Dear Sir, After reviewing your account we regret to inform you that, although our services will continue to be available to you, certain restrictions will apply to your account on bets you place from now on. If you wish to continue using our services, you can only enjoy the following sports betting offers that are available to other customers: 'Channel 4/1 - Risk-free bet offer', 'Featured race at 4/1', 'Best guaranteed prices ',' Race value 'offers,' Multiple bet on Australian football ',' Refund on 0-0 draws ',' 100% on football combined ', '50% on American combined' and '50% in European basketball combined '. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage of any other offers available for other bookmaker products.

Your safe bets with Soccervista on the Internet that are safe

Betting on online gambling websites, whether sports betting or other types of games, is possible with total security. We just have to take certain precautions:

Make sure the website displays the Safe Gaming seal.
Validate that the web page address begins with "https", which guarantees the encryption of the transmitted information.
Check that the page's certificate is issued by a trusted entity.
Find out about the income and refund conditions. Also read the privacy policy, cookies and the terms of service specified on the website.
Search online for references on the game page you want to use.
Secure your device with an antivirus and keep it updated.
When you play, do it as an entertainment option, play responsibly! On the website playBien.es launched by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), you will find evaluation instruments, a guide with advice, experiences, documentation and professional help addresses so that you always have the possibility to find out better about how important it is to play responsibly.

Comic: "The day that Berto convinced Leo to bet on a game from home"
When he got home from work, Berto ran to find Leo and found him in the living room filling in the pool for the weekend.

- Leo, let's get rich!

- Sure, if I complete the 15th, we all go to the Caribbean.

- No man no, the pool is a thing of the past. Now what is carried is to bet on the Internet. A colleague from work told me. We just have to choose a game in which we can see which team is going to win and bet. This weekend he plays the first in the league against the bottom, we have it easy.

- Berto, you know that I don't know much about the Internet.

- Don't worry, my partner told me it's very simple. We registered on the web and bet on the game this weekend. If we get it right, we double the money bet!

When Sunday arrived, Berto and Leo watched the game together and celebrated the victory of the team they had bet on. However, the joy was short-lived. When Leo logged onto the betting website to collect the winnings, he discovered that the winning bet was not showing up anywhere, and nowhere was it explained how to make a claim.

Investigating online, it turned out that the online betting website did not follow the rules established by Spanish gambling law, which establishes the technical requirements that operators must meet to guarantee the safety of users and the bets they make. For example, they must guarantee security requirements during the payment process, a correct randomness in the draws and the traceability and registration of all operations.

Check that the web is reliable
When choosing a betting website, we must take into account whether the casino guarantees the security of the transmissions we make with the website, through the establishment of secure channels between us and the page.

To do this, you have to look in the address bar of your browser and locate several signals:

The address begins with "https". This means that the information is transmitted encrypted.
The page's certificate is authentic. Each browser incorporates different ways to visually guarantee that the website accessed is legitimate, such as a padlock.

Look for the Safe Gaming seal on the web
This seal is granted to bookmakers that have obtained a state license to be able to operate legally in Spain and guarantees that:

The games have passed many tests to guarantee their transparency and good functioning, making sure that no game is "fake".
The website has security measures to protect our data, which have been verified by an independent body.
The games and game mechanisms on the website comply with current legislation.

Online gambling in Spain is regulated. Look for the Safe Play badge before betting.

To find out about all the betting houses that have achieved this distinctive seal, we must contact the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ). On its website we will find all the necessary information regarding the regulations applicable to online gambling.
Before betting, find out about the economic conditions
Although the Safe Gaming seal guarantees a series of conditions that affect all online bookmakers, it is not restrictive when it comes to establishing rules for withdrawals and forms of payment.

For this reason, before placing any bet, it is necessary to know the conditions that the chosen casino applies to the following aspects:

Accepted payment methods. Bookmakers offer a wide variety of payment methods, including credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Ukash, PaySafeCard ...
We must bear in mind that not all the methods allowed to make payments are accepted for withdrawals.
Minimum refund. Many of the casinos establish a minimum of between 10 and 30 euros as a minimum withdrawal. It is important to know these limits in advance to avoid that our money is not refunded.
Commissions. We must also inform ourselves before betting if the bookmaker is going to apply commissions for deposit or refund and the amount thereof.

Protect your device properly
We must always make sure that the device from which we are going to play is correctly protected to avoid cases, in which for example, if we are playing an online poker game, an opponent takes advantage of a security breach or a virus to access our equipment and let you see our letters.

Therefore, it is essential:

Have an updated antivirus program that protects our device from malicious programs. You can find different antivirus options in the free tools section.
Keep all device software updated, both the operating system and the applications installed on it, to prevent possible security flaws from exploiting in outdated versions.

How to act in case of addiction to casinos
In the same way that in physical casinos we can veto our own access to the premises voluntarily, in online casinos we can also apply this restriction. To do so, we simply have to visit the DGOJ website and fill in the corresponding forms of the General Register of Gambling Access Bans.

Websites where you can bet safely and with confidence - Soccervista

This text is based on our own experience and reflects our personal opinion.

Although it is clear that by defining a sports betting house as the best in the market we are scoring it in an excellent way in practically all the analyzable factors, it is also interesting to mark the differences between the arguments that provide quality from the same bets and those that manifest hierarchy through the reliability they generate on the site. Among the former, the odds, variety and live bets stand out. Meanwhile, the others go through issues related to the financial situation of the company, the speed of payments and the attention that the user receives, especially when he is in a problem and requires an urgent solution.

This preamble gives us the opportunity to carry out a personal study of the different sports betting houses, specifically from what refers to security and financial soundness. In addition to some -very good- services such as those provided by Bet9ja and other bookmakers, two of the top references on the subject, there are various options that stand out especially for the sense of trust that they install us as users. And in this aspect also the trajectory weighs, a word that is directly related to William Hill. Conceived as the quintessential inspirational muse of this limitless phenomenon that sports betting constitutes today, this house is absolutely trustworthy from every point of view.

Beyond the welcome bonuses, the fees, the navigability of the page, the diversity of sports and events, the sites of the aforementioned houses are very complete and solvent with respect to all the details initially explained, which ultimately end up being the Agents for which millions of bettors prefer certainty and convictions before, for example, a good Live.

If you are interested in betting, register with the following sports bookmakers:

All betting bonuses displayed on this page are subject to terms and conditions, which may vary by bookmaker.


Sports betting: how do you know if a bookmaker is reliable?
More and more people are beginning to try their luck in big games and favorite teams

Sports betting has become a booming phenomenon in Nigeria and in the world, and it is said that the youngest are the ones who are inclined to bet on their favorite teams. Soccer - Football is one of the most chosen sports on which these bets fall, and it is not by chance that many soccer teams have operators as sponsoring brands.

Now, the sports betting market is really wide, since there are hundreds of platforms where you can place bets. Being so broad, scams are becoming a possibility, and therefore it is essential to be vigilant and cautious when providing personal data and confidential information. Therefore, here are some tips to recognize if a bookmaker is really reliable.

Check if they are sponsors

As we have already said, many bookmakers are sponsors of major sporting events, as well as different teams and athletes. At this point, choosing a sponsor operator for an event of these magnitudes or for a recognized team is a certificate of credibility. In this way, a house that sponsors a soccer team can be an indication that you can play in it with total confidence and security.


It is clear that influencers increasingly invade social networks and they make money by recommending different brands and products. Although any of them could promote a bookmaker, it does not mean that it is completely safe or reliable. At this point, it is about having criteria and differentiating what type of influencer can recommend the correct house.

Review security and privacy policies

A reliable bookmaker should have a section that bears the name "Privacy and Security Policies." There the fiscal and legal conditions must be detailed, and information about what they do with user data. If this section is not found at the bottom of the page or in any other part of the site, it is very likely that it is a scam. Without a doubt, it is the best way to verify that a bookmaker is really trustworthy.

Deposit and withdrawal system

In all reliable bookmakers there is a section that explains how to enter and withdraw money. However, it must be considered that fraudulent houses can also explain it, so it is necessary to pay attention that the site does not open new pages when entering personal or banking data. At this point, it is recommended to monitor the bank's movements, and verify that the income made matches the charges on the site. In case of noticing something strange, it is recommended to block the card and notify the bank immediately.


The testimonials of other bettors are usually the best guarantee of whether a service is of quality and trust. In general, the best bookmakers have testimonials from people who share their experiences betting on that site. In addition, there are also hundreds of blogs and fan pages that can give their word according to their experiences. After listening to them, it will be easier to choose between one operator or another.

Soccer Prediction Sites of this year, you Should Check Out

Best Soccer Prediction Site of the Year - People have different opinions on the prediction and these opinions range from great to work with no luck to not being worth participating.

Prediction sites allow people interested in soccer and want to try their luck making money from soccer to predict matches and have chances of winning.

They are different sites where you can predict soccer and win, and as such this article describes these sites to make predicting soccer fun for you.

1. Bet9ja.com.ng prediction site
Talking about match predictions, bet9ja is also a good and reliable site for your match predictions, on bet9ja, you will be able to see so many games and their predictions arranged properly.

Bet9ja offers free soccer tips and predictions, free analysis, soccer statistics and form, the latest results and league tables and much more. You can visit their website to see current events and the latest information about your favorite team.

2. 9ja.bet
This website predicts matches daily. Your predictions work well 90% of the time. When betting on this site, you may be forced or tempted to bet more, as most games are usually predicted correctly.

This website predicts matches on a daily basis and is a personal favorite of many people I know. Your predictions work well 90% of the time. When betting on this site you may be forced or tempted to bet more, since most games are usually predicted correctly, I would advise you to apply modesty when betting so as not to burn your fingers.

3. Soccervista.ng
This site shows you the latest games and their current stats and helps you make a better decision. As we all know, timely information is what wins the war, therefore, armed with these good statistics, your chances of getting a very good prediction are very high.

Soccervista happens to be most people's favorites as it is easy to use. One of the cool features of this site is the functionality, as it allows people to register on the platform.

4. Adibet
Also, a good prediction site giving free soccer predictions. One that is also worth trying as a gamer, you can use these websites to your advantage.

5. Zulubet
This soccer prediction site may not be as popular as the others but trust me it is a featured site, real bettors make their predictions. When you get to the site, you will notice that there are games that you can predict and you will also find the latest information about them.

Zulubet is simple and understandable. It is preferable to use Zulubet when making a quick prediction, although their predictions are focused on the major leagues of the world.

6. Soccer xnumx
This site covers one of the fastest live soccer scores in the world! Check the live results, follow the matches and compare the team statistics and all other relevant information to your satisfaction.

7. WinDrawWin
Win draw win is undoubtedly one of the most modern soccer prediction sites in the world overall. This site has proven to be very positive when it comes to predicting correct scores. This website is quite outstanding due to the fact that it also provides ways to predict the results of matches like scorecards and corner kicks.

8. Forebet
Connect on this website. Unquestionably one of the best soccer prediction sites you can count on. Check out their website as they also provide very valuable and timely information on any team you want to predict its match.

This website is the most loved, especially due to its prominent prediction for each day, which is generally correct. The website covers almost every league you could want to predict.

9. Footballer
This is also one of the best soccer prediction sites you can count on. Although similar to the prediction site mentioned above, you will find sports news and statistics for the teams that play each day.

The website appears to be unbeatable over the years and has a high margin of correct predictions over time. People get put off about this site because it has premium membership plans that are associated with a cost price

10. Soccer view
Most people know this website because it is visited by thousands of people a month. Soccer Vista is a very good prediction site with detailed statistics on past results between 2 teams.

Soccer Vista is a very good prediction site with detailed statistics of past results between teams 2. This website provides predictions for the English Premier League.

If you find this article useful and would like to receive more updates like this, kindly subscribe below, enter your email and hit the share button to share with your friends.

The 5 best soccer predictions sites on Soccervista

Sports forecasts: In the world of sports anything can happen, there is no magic formula. However, making a good bet requires research, experience and a deep understanding of the game.

As much as it is impossible to know everything, there is an offer of portals aimed at collecting, analyzing and summarizing all the information for you in the form of predictions and statistics. Here are the top five sports forecasting sites:

Best welcome bonuses for sports betting
How do we select the best sports forecast sites?
How to select the best operators to place sports bets?
1. Bettingexpert.es
2. William Hill
3. 9ja.bet
4. Tipgoal.com
5. Betegy.ng

How do we select the best sports forecast sites?
Choosing an operator to perform a sports forecast is not an easy task. Between welcome bonuses, free spins, and deposit bonuses, a newcomer may feel somewhat at a loss when it comes to choosing. But don't worry, that's what we're here for!

To help you make the task easier as a player navigating the world of gambling we have selected welcome bonuses that we think may be the best for you.

What do we mean by this? In short, we are on the lookout for new welcome bonuses from our affiliates. We make sure that the offers are displayed clearly in the tables on our websites.

In this article you will find a selection of what we consider to be the best sites to carry out sports tips. Keep in mind that this list has been created by us under our own criteria since we hope that it can be useful when considering one offer or another. In the end, you can only say which operator to choose!

How to select the best operators to place sports bets?
From Kelbet we have created an ad hoc page where you will find all the forecasts and the best odds of the main sports betting houses.

1. Bettingexpert.es
In addition to being a betting comparer, Bettingexpert also presents you with a whole section dedicated to soccer and other sports predictions.

All you have to do is enter the page and you will immediately be able to see all the categories that this comparator proposes. You will find a first section of sports forecasts in which you can see the odds of upcoming sports events.

If, on the other hand, you prefer directly to watch by game, you will only have to access the "games" tab and you will see the predictions of the results with their corresponding odds. In addition to the bookmakers with the best odds and a selection of bets from the experts such as safe value, risky or crazy option.

2. William Hill
William Hill is not a sports prediction portal, but it synthesizes for you all the necessary information in the same section, including the number of bets that a certain match takes.

You can use this table of statistics to make your predictions. When it comes to football, you will find the line-up, players with yellow cards, historical statistics of ball possession, league position, shots and fouls. You'll also see margin of victory and loss graphs for the last 20 games.

You can find here the results of La Liga, important tournaments such as the Eurocup and all the leagues in Spain. In addition, if you are interested in betting, you can do it directly on the site, which is very practical.

3. 9ja.bet
In the fourth position of the best sports prediction sites we have Vitisport, who offers statistics and predictions for soccer and other sports. Calculates the percentage probability of a home team win, a no match and a visitor win (also called 1 × 2) and recommends tips of 1, 0, 2, 10 or 02. Also provides the result most likely ending.

You can also see the "Index" category, where the expected goal difference between both teams is calculated.

It is a useful and very comprehensive platform, however, the interface is not the best.

4. Tipgoal.com
It is a community where sports predictions are made by the participants themselves. Contributions acquire more or less visibility depending on their usefulness (and their precision).

Soccer, tennis and basketball are among the most popular sports predictions on the site. These include a section where the "Tipster" can perform his own analysis of the match and give his 1 × 2 tips, as well as the recommended bookmaker to make the move.

Although it does not offer predictions based purely on mathematics like the one on the previous portal, we include it in this list of the best sports forecasting sites since knowing another can be the key to your success.

5. Betegy.ng
For us, Betegy differs greatly from the rest of the sports forecasting sites. It has a butt design, adaptable to mobile devices, and it is very easy to get the statistics and predictions that interest us.

It is also the most varied, not in terms of sports, since they only make soccer predictions, but if we talk only about bets: they cover everything.

Across 25 soccer leagues and all international tournaments, Betegy uses a self-contained algorithm based on calculations that include match results and ball possession. In the end you can perform the best 1 × 2, exact result, the strength of a certain team in the context of a tournament, and more.

The portal that in last year predicted that Germany would win the World Cup and Argentina would be second, has taken the world of sports predictions by storm with 75% accuracy.

It is the only one of the sites on this list that is in English, but not by much. It leads it for its high level compared to the other sports forecast websites. If soccer predictions are your thing, you will agree with us that it is one of the best sports predictions sites.

Football prediction sites failures

Why do I see the question mark "?" In some matches instead of predictions or betting tips?
It's simple. Our algorithm must be played in at least 6 league games (at least 3 home games and at least 3 away games). If not, we cannot give any predictions.
What is the result of your betting tips and predictions?
The key output of our algorithm is INDEX. Our software also calculates the probability percentage of the home team's win, the draw and the away team's win, and recommends options 1, 0, 2, 10 or 02. Unlike other betting sites, we also provide the score most likely end of matches.
How can the INDEX column be interpreted?
It can be interpreted as twice the predicted goal difference between the home and away goal scores. With the plus sign in favor of the home team, with the minus sign in favor of the visiting team. E.g. INDEX (INDEX) -4.0 means that our software predicts the victory of the away team for 2 goals, INDEX (INDEX) +3.0 means that our software predicts the victory of the home team for 1.5 goals.
How is the INDEX column calculated?
INDEX is based on two main components: the current form and the power of each team. The current form is calculated from the last 6 games played. Power is calculated separately for home and away games.
Why are your betting tips different in color?
Color classification is for quick orientation. The color green represents home win, away win in red, home win or draw in light green, and away win or draw in light red.
Do you also consider non-statistical elements such as player injuries, specific motivation, etc.?
No, our betting tips and predictions are based solely on mathematical algorithms. It's just statistics! Sport is unpredictable and there is no magic formula. To choose good bets you need knowledge, experience and a broad understanding of the game. Our algorithm can only be one of your guidelines and aids. The slightest change in events can change the direction of the game, as weather, team training, injuries and player suspension among many other factors can affect the odds.
What other items should I consider along with your betting tips and predictions?
Many. For example, are there any good players injured or suspended on any of the teams? Is there a good player back from suspension or injury? Playing against former players or manager. Distances to travel, extent of travel. Need to win, a factor such as promotion, relegation, etc ... Is the season late and the team is close to the first positron, close to cup positions or close to relegation (which means they will fight for every point).

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